Hosting families

Can you give me information about your Association ?
We can send you a brochure describing our activities and a membership application form.

Do I have to speak English or the language of the person I invite ?
It is not absolutely necessary but it can make communication easier.
Foreign visitors to Lyon often come to learn the language, so they will usually be grateful if you help them practise their French.

Do you stay in touch with your foreign guests?
Yes often. Contact is maintained by email or letter or even by an invitation to visit them in their own country. It depends on what people want.

Where do these foreigners come from ?
From all five continents. There are more than 100 nationalities represented among the foreigners welcomed by the Association.

Can I express a preference to invite people from a particular country ?
Yes, when you join Lyon International or by informing the Association’s office.

I am a member. I haven’t been asked to receive any international visitors for a long time. What should I do ?
Call us during our office hours or send us an email to let us know of the problem. If you get a message on your telephone voice mail, answer immediately.

I live alone. Can I join up with other members to invite foreign guests ?
Of course. It’s a very good idea! Some of your friends may well be members of Lyon International as well

I work and am not free to invite groups of foreign guests during the week.
Ask us to arrange individual contacts with a single person whom you can invite at your convenience.

I should like to join Lyon International. What does this involve  ?
You must become a member of the Association and pay an annual membership fee. You must also agree to invite one of our international visitors at least once a year.


I am changing jobs and have to come and live in Lyon with my family. What can you do to help me ?
We can arrange for you to have dinner with a French family so that you can get to know people in Lyon.

I am a foreigner and am looking for a place to live. Can you help me?
Lyon International only offers the opportunity for a friendly meal with a local family.

Does Lyon International provide financial aid to foreign students and trainees ?
Unfortunately not. Our only resources are the membership fees paid by our members and the subsidies that we ourselves receive.

I am surprised to be invited by a French family. Why do you invite temporary visitors whom you will probably never see again ?
Because we want to share our culture and our way of life with you. Because we want to encourage you to come back to France and to Lyon in particular, whether it be for professional or family reasons, or even as a tourist.

I am in Lyon for a short training period of a few weeks. Can I meet a Lyon family ?
Yes, either directly through our Association or through the institution that you are connected with in Lyon.

I am a foreign student. I should like to stay on in France to do a training period. Can you help me find a company ?
This is not one of the objectives of Lyon International, but you may have the chance to put the question over dinner to your host family.


I work with an institution (or a company) that receives foreigners for short visits. How can I take advantage of your services ?
First of all, establish contact with us. Then we will send you the necessary registration forms (by email or by letter). We will fix a date for an individual or group invitation.

What are the institutions with which you work to organise invitations to meet French families ?
Mainly educational institutions: universities, engineering and business schools, both public and private.

Do you have partners who give you financial aid ?
Yes, that is essential. Certain institutional partners give us regular financial support. Other industrial partners give us an annual subsidy. There are also sponsors who help us for a particular event such as our 30th anniversary.

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