Be invited for dinner

Student, intern, visitor or working abroad  :

  • You are temporarely living in Lyon, and you would like to create bonds with the local people, regardless of their age.
  • You’d like to be invited, and share your cultures and ideas.
  • You are willing to take part in the special events organized by the association.

Get in contact with us or our correspondant in your university or establishment. Our volonteers will put you in contact with our members and will inform you about our scheduled events.

French savoir-vivre

Sharing a meal is sharing what is essential for life: eating and drinking. It also means to honor the guest or simply share a moment of friendship. “Put an extra plate on our table …” is the motto of Lyon International.

Each culture expresses the same feeling, but in different ways; in France we very much appreciate the friendly atmosphere of a good  meal.

So what should you to when you’re invited?

- First, answer as quickly as possible to the family.
- Be on time for appointments.
- If you can’t make it, make sure to let your host know. Choking an invitation is a considered very rude to the family who invited you.

Remember that all families are happy to welcome you, they do it for free and they will be happy to keep in touch with you afterwards if you wish.

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3 Reponse a Be invited for dinner

  1. Ibrahim Harouna Nadia

    Merci beaucoup à Sophie Tedesco. Hennion de m’avoir montré LYON international , Ainsi que les démarches à suivre et merci à vous l’association pour tout ce que vous faites pour nous .

  2. Markova

    Un projet très intéréssant. Un bon moyen de faire de nouvelles connaissances et pratiquer des langues étrangères.

  3. martine

    Bonjour Felipe, allez sur ntre site internet pour être invité à dîner par une famille adhérente de l’association

    et pour les manifestation nous avons une soirée COUNTRY le 3 février. Pour vous inscrire voici le lien

    A bientôt

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